A New Pulse in Penetang

There is a lot happening in Penetanguishene lately! The Main Street Reconstruction Project was just completed in 2020, along with phase one of the Penetanguishene-Midland multi-use trail. The trail will connect the two communities and beyond once the current construction on Highway 93 at Vinden Street and Golf Link Road is finished.  The intersection is being transformed into a new roundabout which is scheduled for completion in late 2022.

Main Street has a number of restaurants and cafes, from The World Famous Dock Lunch at the waterfront, The Wing House, Phil’s Casual Dining, Captain Ken’s Diner, Pier 21, Flynn’s Irish Pub, Kitty Hawk Cafe and the newest beat on the street – The Pulse Nutrition.

The Pulse Nutrition is easy to locate as it’s on top of the hill just before Robert Street, and beside the sculpture, “Land of the White Rolling Sands” by local artist, Camille Myles. The large, mirrored, stainless-steel sphere held up by a paddle reflects the town below. I recommend it as an excellent spot to take a photo for your social media stream before grabbing more good vibes and a healthy snack, breakfast or lunch to fuel your busy lifestyle.

StorefrontStaff welcomes you as soon as you enter, where you’ll see a large bar area in front of an exposed brick wall.  The space is quite bright and airy. Opposite the bar is a white wall where The Pulse Nutrition logo appears and comes to life with a beating heart inside a wreath. This is another  social media moment, so have your apps open and ready.

Jamie Dalzell and Deanna Palazzo opened The Pulse Nutrition to give the community a boost – literally! Their system includes three steps: an aloe shot to soothe, nourish and promote digestive wellness, followed by an energy tea which boosts vitality, burns calories and hydrates, and finished with a high nutrition smoothie that is low calorie and made with water instead of milk.

I was ready for the full experience. The aloe shot comes in a little shot glass, and as it’s been a while since I have had any shots aside from my vaccination, I was ready to give it a go. The aloe shot include either mandarin, mango or cranberry flavours. I sampled both the mango and cranberry. Oh, yes, they’re both delicious!

Full of antioxidants and hydration, the energizing green tea marks step two, as it gives you a natural energy lift and boosts your metabolism. You can choose to have your energizing tea hot or chilled. Hot options include lemon, raspberry, peach, original, Brazilian, pomegranate, or peppermint. Peach iced tea, tropical iced tea, raspberry iced tea, lemon iced tea, pom berry and minty fresh are the chilled options. You can upgrade your energy tea with high protein, an energy bomb or hydration and immunity at an additional charge. I opted for the raspberry energy tea, which was lovely.

Last, filled with 21 vitamins and minerals, protein, fiber and healthy fats, it’s smoothie time, the third step in their system. Smoothies are 250 calories or less, have low glycemic index for sustained release of energy and make a perfectly balanced meal. The challenge will be which one to choose from the twenty-four options on the menu! Lucky for us, they have broken them down into delicious and nutritious categories.

If you are craving peanut butter, get the peanut butter cookie, snickers or ripped Reese’s.

Want some chocolate? Try the coconut raffaelo chocolate fix or chocolate mint.

Feeling a bit fruity? Enjoy the orange Creamsicle, blueberry muffin, strawberry shortcake, lean & green, or tropical fruit.

For a little caffeine kick, get the espresso brownie or café latte, as each is loaded with an espresso shot.

Still can’t decide? Well, it isn’t going to get any easier, because their favorite treats menu includes coco caramel, fuzzy peaches, cinnamon doughnut, salted caramel, banana bread, apple pie, coconut cookie crumble, gym junkie ice cream, baked lemon cheesecake or butter tart. They even have kids’ smoothies, like chocolate cake, Jurassic explosion, banana split and fairy bread.

Finally, you can amp up your smoothie with a protein boost, probiotic boost, extra toppings or an additional coffee shot (for a small fee). They also offer diary free, high protein, gluten-free and plant-based options.

The Pulse Nutrition is located at 81 Main Street in Penetang, and is currently open Tuesday-Friday from 8 AM -2:30 PM. Please see and follow their Facebook page to learn more.

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Steven Wright resides in Penetanguishene, a passionate plant based foodie, photographer and creator searching out the best Georgian Bay has to offer. Follow his plant based life through his Instagram and Facebook channels.

Instagram: @eatwrightvegan

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Email: eatwrightvegan@gmail.com

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