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Welcome to Just Sayin’ Georgian Bay. We are dedicated to the idea of sharing the stories of this amazing place through the voices of those who live, love, work and play here.

It is our belief that a lifestyle by the Bay is something special. We believe that few sights can feed the soul like a fiery Georgian Bay sunset. That a walk along the world’s longest freshwater beach can leave you exhilarated or just plain inspired. That there is calmness in a hike or ride through old forests. That the upward rush of a shimmering kite board or the downward rush of skis cutting through fresh powder can, ironically, leave you feeling grounded.

So whether you already live near the Bay, or you are envisioning a day trip, a weekend visit, a summer or winter vacation, or the perfect retirement lifestyle – whether you seek community spirit, excitement, or serenity – we believe you’ll find it here. We invite you to take this journey with us as we share our stories of #LifeByTheBay.

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Co-publisher, Website Admin and Designer