An Americano in Penetanguishene

Unbeknownst to me, and since the start of the pandemic, my body has been reducing caffeine intake. When I look back, I have been drinking coffee since I was a teenager. I peaked in consumption through my twenties while attending university, having multiple coffees a day. When I say multiple, I mean up to ten. Well, it was the 90s, and if anyone made a coffee run, I was generally included. Heck, I even remember doing shots of espresso on the coffee bar, to ready myself for a night out dancing. I used to order all the fancy drinks with frothed milk and caramel, but when I went plant-based 6 years ago, I honed in on my true favorite coffee – an  Americano.

An Americano, as you may already know, is a single shot of espresso with some hot water. I like mine black so I can enjoy the true flavour of those perfectly roasted beans. The size you choose determines the water volume, so I stick to a medium. Before March of 2020, I would have an Americano daily, as it was a ritual start to my day. However, since then, I have found my consumption has changed dramatically, as I am down to one a week and I do not have coffee of any sort in my house. I realized it just the other day when a friend visited and wanted coffee. Lucky for me, it is just a quick walk up the street to Penetanguishene’s Café Kittyhawk.

While walking into Kittyhawk, you are surrounded by the beauty of nature, and the entire North wall of the space is covered in greenery. This curation by Whiskey Plank Concepts, have partnered with Café Kittyhawk to help you to bring more nature into your living space. I whole heartedly agree with their mission, because I have my own collection of plants at home, and I couldn’t resist adding another to my collection. I picked up a little spider plant in a white ceramic pot with a charming, beaded hanger. They specialize in providing insight for use of their plants, including dried and preserved material. Custom gift baskets can be made upon request.

The Café itself is currently counter service only due to the pandemic. I ordered the vegan chickpea salad sandwich, a couple of vegan chocolate chip cookies and of course, an Americano. We decided to enjoy our lunch on the side patio, as it’s a great space to enjoy your meal during these remaining warm days of Fall with a light jacket or your Camp Kittyhawk hoodie. The chickpea salad sandwich was quite tasty with microgreens, onion and cucumber, all on delicious crusty bread. Not to mention the cookies sure didn’t last long!

Group of plantsKittyhawk offers fresh baked bread, several baked goods, lox bagels, assorted sandwiches that you can order with a side soup or salad, a Euro lunchbox (like a personal charcuterie board), flatbread, coffee, tea, local wine, craft beer, coolers and even gelato. They also offer local sourced charcuterie boards for two, four or six people on request, and can accommodate vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. Pre-pandemic, the Café featured Nighthawk, “An evening designed to eliminate choice and broaden your taste experiences.” There’s even weekly curated cocktails perfected with top-shelf liquor, spirits and chef parings.

Next, and while awaiting your order, you can peruse the, “inspired by Georgian Bay” collection of Camp Kittyhawk branded apparel, and items that highlight local hotspots, including Awenda Park and Giant’s Tomb. These items include shirts, hoodies, bags, playing cards, and drink cozies. The gift shop continues with items from Herschel, trucker caps from The Farm by Goorin, blankets, gift cards, candles, and much more.

Last, Kittyhawk’s pantry is stocked with a series of craft hot sauces from Spice of Life, Neil’s Real Deal, Heartbeat, and Dawson’s. Take home some coffee beans from Café Kittyhawk, Barber Shop, Souvenir, Stumpton, Las Chicas, 49th Parallel or Propeller Coffee Co. They also carry Compartes chocolate bars, Pluck tea, and Provisions preserves or jellies. There’s so many great items to buy that are fit for your home, cottage or boat, or even gift to the perfect host!

Café Kittyhawk is located at 4 Robert Street in Penetanguishene, and is open Monday through Saturday from 8 AM – 3PM.

Facebook at @cafekittyhawk

Instagram at @cafekittyhawk


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Steven Wright resides in Penetanguishene, a passionate plant based foodie, photographer and creator searching out the best Georgian Bay has to offer. Follow his plant based life through his Instagram and Facebook channels.

Instagram: @eatwrightvegan

Facebook: @eatwrightvegan


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  • Steven, this article about Cafe Kittyhawk is terrific..
    I have never been there & had no idea there were so many choices inside…
    The wall of plants gives real dimension on entry.
    Lunch on the patio freshly made from their terrific
    resources sounds inviting.
    I like the opportunity to purchase local apparel
    & possibly something from their pantry…