Beach Jumping: Leap From A Plane And Land On A Beach

UPDATE:  Just Sayin’ Georgian Bay has been advised that not all of the requirements for the Landing on the Beach Pilot Program to proceed have yet been met. Further information is available on the Town of Wasaga Beach website


Skydiving is a sport not normally carried out in full view of a beach crowd. Although it has many followers, their gatherings are usually in open areas like the Wasaga Beach Sports Park at Klondike Road, at golf clubs, soccer fields and similar open, uncrowded locations.

Beach landing space is something which the Skydive Wasaga Beach President Leslie Farkas has been fighting for during the last six years. It took a lot of convincing that beach landings were not a danger to the public, especially at the almost always overcrowded Beach One. The authority to land has now been given on Beach Two where it meets Beach Three.

As to the danger of landing among a crowd of bathers resting on the beach, I can attest to the abilities of the skydivers to land on  incredibly small targets, as I witnessed many times while being positioned right next to one as a photographer during the 2019 Canadian National Parachuting Championships at Klondike Park.

Planes usually release jumpers at 900 to 1,500 meters above the ground. Teams which form hand-joined patterns in the sky are usually released at higher altitudes. Altitudes higher than 4,500 meters require oxygen tanks and breathing apparatus.

For the sky jumps offered by Skydive Wasaga Beach the jumpers are typically released over the beach and then glide to Klondike Sport Park where they land. However, for a limited time, the new exclusive Beach Jump pilot project will permit jumpers to land directly on the world’s longest freshwater beach.

New and inexperienced skyjumpers are paired up with seasoned jumpers who guide them until they reach the ground. The question of what you need for a skydiving adventure is simple to answer: tandems can be landed smoothly on their buns, so the leg strength inset much of an issue upon contact with the ground at the end of a skydive.

You can book your jump with Skydive Wasaga Beach at 1-844-200-5674 or in person at 1888 Klondike Road at their trailer. The jumps with beach landings are available only on August 24, 25, 26 and September 14, 15, 16.

Visit the Skydive Wasaga Beach website here



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Peter Iden is a resident of Wasaga Beach and a Naturalist and Photographer who has a broad range of knowledge of the natural world. Peter is also a volunteer Warden for the Piping Plover Recovery Programme with the Friends of Nancy Island.


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