Collingwood Climate Action Team – Let’s Get Dirty On Earth Day

The Collingwood Climate Action Team (CCAT) invites you to:
Earth Day – Let’s Get Dirty

Earth Day 2021 

When:  April 22nd   7pm – 8:30pm

We are excited with a full agenda of all things related to the earth.


Earth Day Celebration:  Collingwood’s Poet Laureate  Claudia Ferraro will kick us off with an EARTH DAY POEM.

Guest Speaker: Gillian Flies from New Farm and Farmers for Climate Solutions will join us and be our key presenter.  She is going to speak about ‘Climate Change and Agriculture – Farmers and Solutions’

Active Sessions on Gardening, Pollination and Composting:  Participants will have an opportunity to break into small groups and rotate through each of the 3 sessions:  hear and interact with Mike Lewin on backyard farming;  discuss how to pollinate effectively with Jeff  Young and Jessica Lehr from Pollinate Collingwood;  and  learn Composting techniques and making it work with David Ohrling.

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