Doing Good. It Matters.

Woven intricately into the fabric of virtually every community is a small army of people dedicated to the concept of creating a better world. 

They may be trying to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, educate, advocate, give our kids opportunities for recreation and sports, improve health situations, provide respite care, provide hospice care, preserve wildlife, and keep our planet sustainable.

Sometimes we forget they are there until we need them but non-profits and charities are the glue that helps hold a community together. They are a connection to those less fortunate, to our neighbours, and to the world.

So whether our goal is to feel good, to express gratitude for what we have, to improve and strengthen our community, or to demonstrate to our children the importance of generosity and caring, we can achieve this through volunteering with, or donating to, a local non-profit or charity. 

In this section of Just Sayin’ Georgian Bay we will be introducing these groups, listening to their stories, learning about their missions and their volunteer opportunities, and hearing about their upcoming events.

Doing good. It matters. 

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