Every Action Counts: Eco-Tips For Going Greener

Photo credit: Jason Foley

JSGB thanks our friend Amanda Swick, Communications Coordinator at Wye Marsh,  for these great eco-tips just in time for Earth Day next week!


Going green might sometimes seem like a daunting thing. But you don’t have to buy a new hybrid car, switch your whole house to solar power, and change your whole way of life to help the planet.

In honour of Earth Day being April 22, here are 22 eco-friendly tips!

Your Food

  1. Eat less meat, try participating in meat-less Mondays
  2. Support local farmers, eating locally grown Ontario veggies
  3. Know where your food comes from – is it ethically farmed? If not, consider switching to a different brand or product
  4. Say no to plastic cutlery when ordering takeout, keep a set or two from home in your car instead
  5. Check with your local café if you can bring your own mug or cup for your morning coffee rather than using a disposable one

Your Household

  1. Plant native species in your gardens to help your local ecosystems
  2. Learn to store your food properly, especially produce, to avoid food waste
  3. Make full use of your green bin, or start a backyard compost to divert food waste
  4. Walk, ride, or carpool where you can and, where you can, try to do your running around in the most efficient route possible

Your Purchasing Power

  1. Shop local to avoid carbon emissions on shipping
  2. Switch to bees wax wrap or reusable containers
  3. Switch to eco-friendly menstrual products
  4. Thrift or clothing swap with friends instead of buying fast fashion
  5. Repair don’t replace – seek out your local tailor, cobbler, woodworker etc.
  6. Opt for an eBook or audio book where available

Your Voice

  1. Advocate for climate action policies to your local government and with your vote
  2. Help protect and preserve wild spaces
  3. Participate in citizen science initiatives to understand local eco-systems

Your Actions

  1. Wipe your hiking boots at the beginning and end of each hike to avoid unknowingly transporting invasive species
  2. Don’t veer off the trail – you may disturb delicate environs by accident
  3. Give wildlife their space; don’t bait, chase, or harass
  4. Get outside, experience, explore, and ENJOY our wonderful planet

These are just some of the many eco-friendly ideas out there. It is important to note that the vast majority of damage to our planet comes from large corporations. It’s important to do our part daily to help protect our planet, but we must also use our voices and purchasing power to influence larger change. This doesn’t mean little things don’t help. Every action is important and makes a difference.


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