Gardens For Relaxing Near The Georgian Bay Area

The scents of relaxation!

As we moved from the lilac fields to the poppy fields, our senses had to adjust from the invigorating smell of the freshwater air near our home to some scents which can be found only in the specialized flower farms and gardens further inland.  A walk through one of these can instill a feeling of relaxation and peace in us which is difficult to achieve in most other outdoor activities. Some people may achieve this after strenuous games of volleyball, windsurfing or kitesurfing, but for most physically inactive people a visit to a flower farm will also work wonders.

Lavender farmIt was early July of 2022 and we were visiting the South Bay Fields Lavender Farm near Nottawasaga on a Sunday summer outing with our entire family.

To visit such a farm you must, first of all, bring with you a love of flowers. To paraphrase the well known motivationallist Dr.T.P. Chia saying “a life without flowers is like a world without love.” My grandmother used to express it more succinctly as “a house without flowers is like a home without love!” I have made it my habit to have flowers in and around my home at all times.

Flower farmThe reasons for aversion and allergies to flowers (and foods) are embedded in the immune systems of the people suffering from them. These can be treated by immunotherapy if they become much of a concern. Exposure to the agents which trigger them may be one way to aid in that therapy. I have no knowledge of this subject, so I can not give any advice on it.

I simply enjoy the different scents of various flowers and care very little about the grower’ claims that there are traces of mint, orange, pomegranate, cherry, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla and other substances in their products. Lavender smells like lavender, roses smell like roses, and lillies like lillies, at least to me.

Most flowers contain oils which, when distilled from their petals or plants, are used in a large percentage of body and skin beautification products, such as soaps, body sprays, bath lotions and various other beauty products.

Flower oils are also used in essential oils diffusers, which act similar to small humidifiers by blowing steam containing the oils into room air, frequently in the bedroom. Although the oils are expensive, just a few drops added to the water will permeate the entire room with their scents. Several oils can be combined and dispersed in this manner. I use the “Now Solutions Model 7519” diffuser, which is an excellent choice at about CAD 80.00.

Rows of lavender on farmThere are several places around the Southern Georgian Bay Area where there are farms growing one or several flower varieties. It is customary for some to charge a minimal admission fee. Some require advance bookings to have staff available.

Lavender farms are of special family interest to us. Dianas Healthy Living website lists 16 Lavender Farms in Ontario, most relatively close to our area. Different lavender plants bloom from June to August, making visits with older children possible while they are on summer holidays.

Flower farms growing different types of flowers, some specializing in specific flowers  like lilies while others offering more general flower products, are located all over Ontario.  These provide visitors space for relaxation and enjoyment, and even have refreshment stands and picnic tables. White Creek,  Lochland Botanicals, Makkinks and Windecker Woods are only four examples. There are even some which offer “pick your own flowers” in season.

South Bay Fields Lavender Farm is the place we visited on July 10th, 2022. It is a family-owned farm located on 7527 Nottawasaga Sideroad East on 18 acres just a two minute drive south of Collingwood. They have over 5,000 mature lavender plants, sunflower plants and poppy plants, plus other wildflower plants and some free-range chickens. See website for admission fees.Tel.: 705-445-8218

Purple Hill Lavender Farm consists of 50 acres located on the rolling hills of the Niagara Escarpment at 7484 6/7 Sideroad Nottawasaga, 5 minutes from Creemore. Open to 5 pm daily. See website for admission fees. Tel: 705-822-5931

The Purple Hollow Lavender Farm, located at 637295 St.Vincent-Sydenham Townline of Meaford, is home to multiple cultivars of French and English lavenders, as well as specialty blooms and sunflowers. Their motto is “Tread softly. Wander freely. Discover deeply”

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Peter Iden is a resident of Wasaga Beach and a Naturalist and Photographer who has a broad range of knowledge of the natural world. Peter is also a volunteer Warden for the Piping Plover Recovery Programme with the Friends of Nancy Island.


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