Georgian Bay Forever: Our Area Is Not Immune To Climate Change

Photo Credit: Patti Foley, Shelf Cloud Passing Wasaga Beach, Sept 2021

Georgian Bay Forever is a charity dedicated to scientific research and public education on Georgian Bay’s aquatic ecosystem. JSGB thanks GBF for submitting following piece which talks about the impacts of climate change on the Georgian Bay Area as well as their Families For Change program (F4C).

Georgian Bay is not immune from the impacts of the pace of human-induced global warming resulting in climate change. Long-term impact trends include: increased surface water temperatures, decreased ice cover, increased wind speeds, warmer temperatures, more extreme storms, flooding and droughts, wetter winters and springs and more. These impacts in turn effect the biodiversity of Georgian Bay’s ecosystems, and the socio-economic lives of people who live, work, and play in Georgian Bay.

Georgian Bay Forever has a program called Families For Change (F4C). It provides families a ‘task list’ composed of easy-to-hard challenges that enable families to join efforts to reduce the pace of global warming and other pollution. The next F4C program will start in late May 2022 at

Georgian Bay Forever is working on mitigating effects of extreme water levels brought about by climate change. We are working with the Georgian Bay Association on three basic approaches:

1. Education on the complexity of major drivers of water levels and water level extremes.

2. Developing advice for shoreline property owners, stakeholders and municipalities on how properties and land can be made more resilient to climate change impacts, including from a broader range of fluctuating water levels.

3. Working with regional stakeholders to investigate changes within the Great Lakes system and its governance that could relieve some (not all) of the extremes that look to continue and get worse with the continued high rate of global warming.

You can learn more or make a donation to this important charity at 

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