Georgian Bay Webinars Help You Get Ready For Extreme Water Levels

The Georgian Bay Association and Georgian Bay Forever are hosting a series of free Saturday morning online webinars called “Extreme Water Levels: Impacts and Strategies”. Taking place on October 23rd, November 13th, and December 4th, these 2-hour webinars will feature expert speakers in science and conservation who will talk to the impacts of future extreme water levels on shorelines, property, and wildlife, and provide tips to reduce risk and damage. 

Rising water“The high-high, and low-low extremes of water levels in the last 40 years have caused a lot of damage and anxiety for all of us who live and care about Georgian Bay,” says Rupert Kindersley, Executive Director of the Georgian Bay Association. “Our members and partners have told us they want to know more about what the future holds and how they can prepare for more extreme water level conditions. We teamed up with the science-based charity Georgian Bay Forever to produce these webinars to help all of us reduce future damage from more water level extremes.” 

Extreme high-high water levels exacerbated by wilder weather can flood and damage shoreline structures. 

Each webinar is unique and features different speakers that will focus on impacts to the Georgian Bay ecosystem and the risk to people’s enjoyment of their shoreline residence and the beauty of the Bay. To attend, register online at

Webinar 1: What’s Happening? What’s New? Saturday Oct. 23, 10 am to 12pm 

  • • An update on current water levels, future water level forecasts, and climate change impacts 
  • • A report on “The Action Plan to Protect the Great Lakes” (Action Plan 2030) 
  • • How adaptable are wetlands, flora, and fauna and why that’s important to you 

Webinar 2: Shorelines, Docks & Shoreline Structures Sat. Nov. 13, 10 am to 12 pm 

  • • Naturalizing Shorelines: What to do – and not do. What erosion impacts can you expect and avoid? 
  • • Land/Water Interface: What to do about shoreline structures. How should they be (re)configured? What are the impacts/regulations? 
  • • Storms, waves, and wakes. What can you expect from more frequent and intense storms? What can be done to reduce harmful boat wakes 

Webinar 3: Better Understanding Your Septic System, Property Insurance and How Water Fluctuations Impact the Bay’s Businesses and You 

Sat. Dec. 4, 10 am to 12 pm 

  • • How vulnerable is your septic system? What are your options? 
  • • Potential impacts on potable water in high and low water events 
  • • What are the potential impacts on property insurance? 
  • • What are the impacts of extreme high and low water levels on municipal infrastructure, shoreline businesses, and other services? 

We can all work together to mitigate risk, anxiety, and harm to our families and the ecosystem in Georgian Bay. Please join us by registering online at 


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