Hey Facebook! Where’s My Stuff?

If you are among the many of my generation that use social media, your go-to is probably Facebook. While Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and others are also popular, a lot of us find Facebook to be the comfortable place to peruse through posts and articles, and to contact with friends and groups. Kind of like your favourite slippers, or comfy sweater, it’s the place we migrate back to on a daily basis.

The problem is that Facebook is constantly evolving and changing the way they present information, so that what is obvious one day, might not look the same the next day.

Facebook has recently changed one of their algorithms to, as they put it, “make your experience (your news feed) more meaningful”. The claim is that you’ll see more from your family and friends, and probably less from the news and other published Pages you may follow.

Just to point out, your Facebook News Feed contains posts from your friends and family that are in your Friends list, and specific Groups that you have joined. As well you may have “followed” published Pages and brands. These all show up in different places on your Home Page.

Groups are usually listed down the left side of your Home Page and can be edited to show your most often accessed ones. Posts from your Friends and Pages you have followed appear in the main body of your Home Page.

But what if you’re very interested in the posts from your favourite news publishers and other public Pages? And perhaps you don’t see these as often as you’d like anymore.

Regardless of the platform you use (mobile, Windows, Mac, etc.) you can customize and see the Pages that are most important to you. How you do that is specific to the platform. For simplicity for this article, I will show you how to personalize your feed so you see what matters to you.

Three dotsGo to your own Facebook profile page. On most browsers (in this example, I’m using Safari on Mac, but it is similar in all platforms and browsers), you should see a spot in the upper right corner of the browser window that either looks like a little down arrow, or in some cases …. three dots.

SwtytingsClicking there will give you a drop-down menu where you can access several settings.

If you click on Settings and Privacy (or it may be just Settings on some platforms), you should then see another drop-down menu (yes, Facebook makes you dig for this stuff!), with a heading News Feed Preferences.

Clicking here will give you access to making a multitude of changes, such as adding people and Pages to prioritize their posts in your News Feed.

On the Safari version they are called Favourites and you can specify up to 30 Favourites comprised of just Friends, just Pages, or a combination of both.

In this area you can also unfollow People, Pages and Groups to hide their posts, or you can re-connect to the ones you may have unfollowed in the past.

For example, if you enjoy Just Sayin’ Georgian Bay’s posts on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JSGeorgianBay, and you no longer see them as often as you’d like to, this would be a place where you could ensure that you would see those posts first. The same would apply to other posts, including those from other Pages and Friends.

For mobile applications, such as smart phones, and tablets, in the Facebook app, find a Page you’re interested in seeing posts from. Click the “Following” button to get the drop-down menu. Then, after making sure you’ve got the “Get Notifications” option toggled on, choose the option to “See First.”

As you can see, as Facebook evolves, you sometimes have to tweak your settings to make the feed more personal to you and see what matters most.

Being on social media involves some work on your part sometimes to personalize your experience and the same applies to the others, such as Twitter, Instagram and more.

Following these few steps can make it more enjoyable and “meaningful”.  Thanks Facebook for thinking you know what I like. 😉

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Ron’s love for all things electronic, especially computers, and more recently, Apple products, stems back to the early 90’s when the family was gifted a Commodore 64, and the nerdiness took hold. Using the knowledge he has gleaned over the years through self-taught methods, and experience over his career in computer training, Ron has landed in a niche where he can help others now in retirement with learning all about their tech.

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