Hydrotherapy In The Snowy Hills Of Horseshoe Valley

It’s time to pamper yourself! It has been a long two years, and you have been through the lockdown-vaccine-repeat cycle. If you are like me, you could use a little self-care to get you back out in the world. Well, I have the perfect spot! It’s the Vetta Nordic Spa in Horseshoe Valley.

I had a Finnish spa experience this past Saturday evening. Entering the main building at Vetta, you see an incredible triple height glass wall overlooking the spa and the trees beyond. You can’t help but take a deep breath and get ready for your experience.

This entrance floor includes the reception, which is your first stop, to pick up your wrist band and get your locker assignment. Behind the reception is a grab and go coffee bar with a great seating area to enjoy the view. Once you have your orientation you are invited to find your locker and start your spa experience. Your locker comes complete with a robe, two towels and salt scrub. Note there is no photography permitted inside.

Building exteriorsExiting the changeroom you arrive at the Kerätä and Lämminpools, the largest warm relaxation pool on site with waterfalls. This pool is the main dividing point of the two parts of the spa. On the right is the respectful social zone and on the left is the respectful quiet zone. For the optimal experience, its 15-20 minutes of hot, 5 seconds of cold and 20+ minutes of relaxing, then repeat for up to 4 hours.

On the outside of the property are the hot zones. The Kuuma experience includes the amazing Sumu steam room with signature scents of evergreen and eucalyptus. Small electric sauna rooms Kirkko and Tyyni, and larger wood burning saunas Sisu and Harmonia. Spend time here to dilate blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, increase blood flow, and eliminate toxins.

I know it sounds hard, but 5 seconds of cold is absolutely worth the effort. My first attempt was quite sad only getting in up to my knees, but I am happy to say I made the cold plunge for a full 5 seconds, right up to my neck, and many times during my visit. It’s so invigorating getting out! I enjoyed both the Virta and Jää cold plunge pools. My technique was to grab the bar, breathe deep and take the plunge walking down the steps and then dip all the way to your neck, before getting out of the pool.

BuildingIf you are not up to that challenge, the cold plunge buckets at the Tyyni and Sisu saunas are an option or opt to roll or do snow angels in freshly fallen snow. The Kylmä experience closes your pores, and activates your nervous system which improves circulation. It is also great for muscle pain, inflammation, and respiratory problems, it reduces lactic acid build-up, increases your heart rate and releases feel good endorphins.

Now it’s time to Levätä! This experience is to rebalance your central nervous system, stabilize your heart and gain mental relaxation and clarity.

There are so many ways to Relax at Vetta! My favorite was the Lämpö and Metsä warm relaxation pools. But they are only the start, as there are several other relaxation spaces including: Minä a space with gas burning fire, Kivi the hot stone room, and Luonto with an indoor/outdoor gas burning fire. Or you can choose one of the Muskoka chairs, lounge chairs or hammocks to hang out in and read or just enjoy the scenery.  If you have booked a massage, the rooms are on the second floor of the main building with another amazing view.

The best part is that you get to do it all again! Just before you leave make sure you return to your locker to pick up your salt scrub. Now head back to the Harmonia sauna area and use the shower room there or have a more private experience in the changeroom showers. Have a great exfoliating shower before heading out for the day. What a way to spend 4 hours!

Vetta Nordic Spa is located at 3210 Line 3 North, in Oro-Medonte and is open 9 AM-9 PM daily. It is recommended to book your visit and massages in advance through their website.


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