Introducing: Ron Craig

As a kid we always looked forward to trips to Wasaga Beach with great anticipation, with the familiar refrains from the back seat on the drive from Barrie. “Are we there yet?” and “Ooh, I can see the water.”

Ironically, the half hour drive from Barrie seemed so long when we were kids, and only in retrospect did I realize how short a journey it was.

Little did I know, almost 60 years later, we would be living a short few blocks from that same beach, where I also worked as a teenager, a carnie” at Playland Park, where I operated a Ferris wheel and merrygoround, among other things.

That was one fun summer, with my buddy Dave and I living the carnival life for the glorious summer of ’68 (almost a song, but a guy named Brian had a better one).

Fast forward to 2014, and the daily grind of our jobs at the school board.

Mine was gettng more difficult by the week, as more and more responsibilities were being dumped on us, with job amalgamations and no pay raises.

So, the conversations at home centred around retirement, and getting off the hamster wheel. Long story short, a colleague at the school board lived in Wasaga Beach and I was getting antsy, so he offered a suggestion to look at homes in Wasaga. That brought us to look at Wasaga Meadows.

Well, the rest is history, as we dropped the hammer in May of 2015, sold our house in Barrie and retired to the lovely community of Wasaga Meadows in July 2015.

Little did I know that we would become entwined in the social aspect of such a community and met many new friends, as well as get involved in the Home-owner’s Association in communications, began writing a quarterly newsletter, and maintaining a Facebook group.

This was also a golden opportunity to bring a dream of mine to fruition, to put my keen interest in all things tech and specifically all things Apple, to use. I help others learn about their iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and other tech things like helping you sell your unwanted goods online, getting your printer to work, or setting your new smart TV up.

This reputation as “the tech guy” and the nickname ”Captain iPad” (given to me by my former superintendent at the school board) served me well as I built up a customer base, with inhome visits or designing sales ads, and was invited to present a 7part beginners course on iPads and iPhones at Bayshore Seniors Center. This became a nice little “side hustle” and got me out of the house and making a little extra spending money. Many of the participants of the course remained as customers and good friendships developed.

My future contributions to this column will be centred around that, with tips on how to use your tech (primarily Apple, but other tech as well such as Smart Homes and more), things to watch for, and advice on how to stay safe in the digital world.

I look forward to sharing my interests with you.

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Ron’s love for all things electronic, especially computers, and more recently, Apple products, stems back to the early 90’s when the family was gifted a Commodore 64, and the nerdiness took hold. Using the knowledge he has gleaned over the years through self-taught methods, and experience over his career in computer training, Ron has landed in a niche where he can help others now in retirement with learning all about their tech.


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  • great writing Ron,
    I always knew you had it in you and have found your niche. You have helped me immensely in the past month r so setting up my new [to me] IMac and sitting here enjoying it as I get used to the changes and updated features. Congrats Brother love Jan

    • Thanks Jan!

  • Nice write up Ron! Looking forward to your expert advice.

    • Thanks Paul and Annica!

  • Hi Ron, what a terrific platform to be on.
    Great write-up… I too remember coming up here when we were kids.
    Wonderful memories!

    Such a beautiful place to retire; and such good friends!
    Thanks for the note about Bayshore Seniors… we will get ahold of Patti and see if we can advertise some of her workshops; or programmes.

    Look forward to hearing what techie things you will be teaching us. You have been a huge help to me whether it’s creating forms, or figuring out a program… enjoy the way you teach

    • Hi Lorri! Thanks for your kind words. We are thrilled to have Ron on board with us. Look forward to connecting for sure.

      • Thanks Patti! My biggest booster 🙂

    • Thanks Very Much Lorri. The admiration is mutual! Hope to connect with Bayshore more this year.
      Talk soon. 🙂

  • Great write up, Dad! So cool that you’ve found your niche, and a space to write about it too!

    • I agree Steven and we are very happy to have your dad on our team!

    • Thanks Steve! Appreciate it.