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My name is Steven Wright and I am delighted to join the Just Sayin’ Georgian Bay team as a lifestyle/food contributor. I have known Patti Foley for almost 2 decades, ever since she worked for me as part of my sales team many moons ago. I am excited to be collaborating with Patti again on her newest publishing venture.

Growing up on the shores of Georgian Bay, I had a huge interest in the kitchen. I started cooking family meals when I was around 8 years old. The kitchen was where I could create my own experience, night after night, complete with hand drawn menus and personal table service from my head waitress – my younger sister. One of my favorite cookbooks at the time was “Georgian Bay Gourmet”, a series about dining and entertaining year-round in the beauty of Georgian Bay.

After a hiatus in Toronto for 25 years, the water called me back. Returning to Georgian Bay in 2015, I am still entertaining in my kitchen, although for the past 5 years I have been eating entirely plant based. For me this journey began with a desire to be more environmentally conscious, to be eating cleaner, be healthier and feel incredible. This has been an exciting journey for me with a huge learning curve, but the experience has paid off.

Whether you are looking to eat more plant based, or are looking for something new and exciting to try, I will give you the inside track! I am excited to share my plant based life including what’s in my pantry, some of my favorite recipes, and favorite spots offering plant based options including restaurants, cafes, bakeries, markets, breweries and grocery stores all over Georgian Bay.


Steven Wright

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Steven Wright resides in Penetanguishene, a passionate plant based foodie, photographer and creator searching out the best Georgian Bay has to offer. Follow his plant based life through his Instagram and Facebook channels.

Instagram: @eatwrightvegan

Facebook: @eatwrightvegan


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  • I have read all the contributor posts today. Love the diversity from cooking, photography, computer skills, flying, lifestyles….
    Look forward to subsequent posts.

  • Steven, I love that you are sharing your knowledge! Georgian Bay residents and visitors are in for a treat!! Well done!

  • Steven, I have had the pleasure of having your meals, delicious ?. You’ve opened my eyes to many alternative foods. You are a great person all around and you have a big heart . Looking forward to more adventures in the future. Just sayin’… Laura