It Can Do What?? The Swiss Army Knife of Electronics.

Back in 2010 when the iPad was first introduced, it was greeted with some hesitation from a few in the tech community, as a “gimmick”.

Now in its 8th generation, with several models, including basic, mini, air, and “pro”, it has become an essential tool for many, and has replaced traditional computers in some cases as the go-to device in the household. The pro models are more expensive, but a very capable introductory model, can be purchased for about $400.

Books on iPadSeniors, in particular have gravitated to this compact powerful little computer that will do everything they need, including email, web browsing, playing games, and even visiting with far away family via video calls, such as Facetime, Messenger, and Zoom.

iPads and their non-Apple cousins from Android and other platforms have also enabled users to read their favourite daily news, books and magazines, all in one small, light device you can carry from room to room, or with you to the coffee shop, or while travelling.

Listening to your favourite music, watching your TV shows, Netflix or movies in bed, or just checking on the sports scores or weather for the day, is all at your fingertips with the little “magical and revolutionary device”, as described by Steve Jobs when he first introduced it.

iPad with pencilFor those who find the on-screen keyboard unnatural to use, there are several separate keyboards available from Apple and third-party manufacturers, as well.

And for those who may be typing-challenged, you can always use our friend, SIRI to listen to your every question and command. Just ask her to tell you the weather, sports scores, or find you a recipe. The possibilities are endless.

To take it a step further, you can dictate your message to the kids, write your next novel, or just jot down a note or reminder, all with your voice! No typing required.

Everyone has a little Beethoven, Billy Joel, or Johnny Cash in them, and your iPad will help you unleash your inner musical beast through Apple’s GarageBand. This amazing app will allow you to make your own music using more digital incarnations of your favorite instruments than you can shake a drumstick at. And it’s FREE on iPad.

There are many more that teach you to play piano, guitar and others also.Songwriting using iPad

Are you artistic? How about painting and drawing your next masterpiece using digital paints and pencils, complete with shading and pressure sensitive effects using apps such as ProCreate. These are enhanced even further using the revolutionary Apple pencil on supported models. And now with the “Scribble” feature that pencil becomes your handwriting tool, transcribing your chicken scratches into readable, searchable text!

As Captain iPad says, “It’s Never Too Late to Continue Learning” and your iPad can be your conduit to learning a new skill all the way from learning how to fix your toilet on YouTube, to higher learning with courses from Udemy, free courses from Future Learn, or even university programs from Apple’s iTunes U.

Map on iPadApple has teamed with institutions of higher education, schools, museums, and others the world over to bring you great learning experiences on your iPad. iTunes U provides content from such heavyweights as Stanford, the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress, MIT, and many others.

If you came from the Microsoft Office world prior to retirement, or are still working, where you used such programs as Word and Excel, your iPad has you covered there too. The free and included apps such as Pages (Word), Numbers (Excel), and Keynote (PowerPoint), are compatible with, and will also open and save documents created in, their Microsoft counterparts. If you subscribe to Office 365, the original apps Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, etc. are all available on the iPad too.

As you can see, we have scratched the surface of what a powerful “Swiss Army Knife”, all-in-one device your iPad can be, keeping you active and productive while enjoying all the great tools and features it has to offer.

Maybe it is your next computer or if you already own one, you may rediscover what it can do for you

I’m Captain iPad


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Ron’s love for all things electronic, especially computers, and more recently, Apple products, stems back to the early 90’s when the family was gifted a Commodore 64, and the nerdiness took hold. Using the knowledge he has gleaned over the years through self-taught methods, and experience over his career in computer training, Ron has landed in a niche where he can help others now in retirement with learning all about their tech.


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