Leonor Mowry’s Incredible Healing Trifecta

Under a cobalt blue sky, against a backdrop of blazing white snow, on a winding trail in the Blue Mountains, sits Leonor Mowry.  And she is right at home.

This is a woman who, at fifty plus, is quite possibly in the best shape, physically and mentally, as she has ever been. She is not just comfortable in her own skin. She is comfortable. In fact, pain-free. And dedicating herself to helping others achieve her enviable reality.

Leonor seated on rock“I found my journey and my journey found me.” Her encompassing first statement becomes the ground zero for our interview. And we begin.

That journey for the Blue Mountains based Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master started in Toronto where she had “lived her whole life except while away at school.”

At age 28 Leonor (Leo, to friends) signed up for her first Yoga class. “I knew from that very first class this was something I would do for the rest of my life” she admits. In 2001, after four years of consistent practice, eager to teach rather than just do Leonor enrolled at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies and travelled to Rhinebeck, New York where she completed yoga teacher training.

Teaching in Toronto, things progressed quickly and Leonor bought Village Yoga in Forest Hill in November 2003. However, she was convinced that basic training was not enough. “I started to feel that, while I was technically qualified, I needed a lot more training and knowledge to keep my students safe. So I started taking courses in Anatomy and Therapeutic Yoga. And I developed a passion and a talent for helping people get out of pain.”

Leonor stretching by rock faceHer Yoga teaching evolved into what she likes to think of as “Yoga as Physio”, and she trained her faculty at Village Yoga to do the same. “We were helping people with injuries, repetitive strain, anxiety and depressive disorders, sciatica, frozen shoulder, and all manner of disease, pain and aging issues” she continues. “We were working with people pre- and post-surgery as well.”

Eventually the focus was so exclusively one-on-one work that, seven years ago, Leonor made the decision to close her Forest Hill studio. She, along with her faculty members, went mobile. They went straight to their clients homes, and Leonor rented space locally to run her popular Group Therapeutic Yoga classes.

Then in 2020 the pandemic hit. Leonor saw it coming and didn’t miss a step. “I realized that clients would still need our Yoga services, and likely more than ever. So the weekend before the lockdown commenced I sent all of our clients links to Zoom classes and told them effective immediately Village Yoga is on Zoom. I’m not particularly tech-savvy but I made sure everyone felt supported and got the help they needed to be able to participate.”

Leonor has a fantastic “go with the flow” attitude that she learned from the ancient eastern philosophy of Taoism which she says she “tripped over” in her mid-twenties. It was what pulled her from  “the corporate world where I had been doing well in sales and marketing” and onto her new path.

Leonor at ski lifts“I went from a place of being materialistic to one where I wanted to focus on how I could contribute more positively to the world and make it a better place” she explains. “There came a day when I just knew I couldn’t do it anymore. I looked at how many years were left in my life and I couldn’t imagine spending that many years doing something that didn’t light up my heart.”

That go-with-the-flow philosophy, along with the awakening realization that she could now work from anywhere, became the catalyst for her relocation to this area. An avid outdoor sports enthusiast and nature lover she was no stranger to the Blue Mountains. “I had been coming here for snowboarding since my twenties” she recalls. So she spent a summer in a space rented from a friend and before it was over she had bought a new, under-construction home, which she has since moved into.

About 12 years ago Leonor added Reiki Master to her CV as well. She speaks about it as the energy medicine piece to supplement Yoga and therapeutic movement. “These, along with the Taoist philosophy, create a powerfully effective trifecta of holistic healing; physical, mental and energetic” she concludes.

As for Yoga her closing thought is clear and concise “Everyone can do Yoga” Leonor states simply. “You just need the right teacher.”


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