Part 3: Ready to E-Publish Your Own Books?

Last week we published Part One and Part Two of Wasaga Beach resident Clark Wilson’s article about e-publishing. This is the third and final instalment. We thank Clark for sharing his e-publishing experiences with our readers!


Google Alerts

Go to your Google settings and you’ll find Google alerts, great for research! With your free Google account you can put as many alerts in as possible; tracking keywords on blogs, news sites, YouTube, and the wider web. Mentions will be delivered to your inbox one a day, or once a week, your choice.

For example I was really interested in reading about Lancaster Bombers from World War Two. I entered that as an alert and Google automatically searched all news releases throughout the world and sent them to my mailbox.

Book Translation

I view the e-book world as a 24 hour 7 day a week market. Therefore, if you feel your book would be of interest to other people in the world who speak other languages you can translate it and sell it through KDP.

I use the free Google Translate program and find it works extremely well instantly translating words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages. I sell my books in 6 different languages.

Microsoft Word also allows you to translate your document into any language you prefer. I tried a little experiment and started off with an English paragraph which I translated to French on Word and then I selected French as the main language in Google Translate which Translated my French paragraph into German.

Then I took the German translation and inserted into my word document. Next I translated the German paragraph back into English. It was about 95 percent correct. I use this method to translate my books for KDP.

E-book Sales

Most e-books are sold in the $2.99US range. Normally you would receive $2.00 for each book sold since $1.00 goes to Amazon. You will receive your royalties at the end of the following month. I have my money put into a PayPal account because it’s easier to deal with in the US.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will withhold 30% of your profits if you are not  a US citizen. However, KDP allows you to fill out a tax form stating that you will pay taxes in Canada so the IRS does not tax you.

I know quite a few people who do sell e-books and to be honest most of us will not get rich. If you count on receiving enough royalties for beer and wine and the occasional restaurant meal you will be satisfied.  Again you might be lucky enough to earn enough for vacation money! However, there is a definite satisfaction when someone other than a relative buys your book.

The other thing that comes as a shock is that although you can get really good reviews you can also get some pretty bad ones so you have to have a thick skin.

So with that in mind I’m hoping my opinions give some guidance those who want to try and publish their own e-book. Good luck in your writing and your Publishing and remember you are doing this for your own enjoyment. The money is strictly secondary because you will not likely become a millionaire, but there is always a possibility!!!

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