Shannon McCready: Why I Joined Pollinate Collingwood

Photo above: Bee-utiful Pollinators, Jason Foley

Shannon McCready moved to Collingwood from BC about a year ago to be closer to Ontario family. She has a wife, a daughter, and a love of music, art, and writing, that developed over her 15 years of teaching. Shannon also has a passion for gardening and for social justice.

The month she arrived in Collingwood was also the beginning of the pandemic. But being determined to get involved in her new community, she obtained a plot at the community garden and became a member of Pollinate Collingwood. 

“I joined Pollinate Collingwood out of care for the environment. I figure without pollinators we would be in a lot of trouble, they are dwindling and the solution couldn’t be more fulfilling – falling in love with the plants that belong to the land we live on” Shannon explains.

Before she joined Pollinate Collingwood, she says she hadn’t heard of native gardening. “So I’m pretty new to it and understand some of the barriers we face as we make the transition.”

“Plants can be so personal.” she continues. “They can honour people, memories, and even reflect our artistic vision.  I’m excited for the time when our gardens also reflect and honour the unique beauty of our local ecosystem as well.”

Shannon with books

Shannon understands, and hopes other people will begin to as well, that as we get closer to that place we will begin to hear more birds and less lawn mowers, and we will use less water.

“It is also an opportunity to really get to know the place we call home.  It’s restorative, peace-making work and I couldn’t be happier to do it with all of my community” she admits.

One of Shannon’s focuses within Pollinate Collingwood is to bring pollinator habitat and knowledge to the local schools.  “We’re starting with books for every school and working on developing programs and grants to help teachers inspire students to take action to help heal the land they will inherit” she adds.

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