Wasaga Beach: Concerned About Local Impacts of Climate Change?

Photo (Above) Credit: Patti Foley – Shelf cloud over Wasaga Beach, September 2021


Fellow residents have banded together to form the Wasaga Beach Climate Action Team. The following was sent to JSGB for publication by Wasaga Beach resident and Team member Kathleen Caswell.

On May 25th 2021 the Town Council of Wasaga Beach passed a CLIMATE EMERGENCY DECLARATION. The Town has officially joined the global movement and committed to initiate actions to cut carbon emissions.

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has made it clear that the extreme weather conditions (high temperatures, storms, flooding) are a direct result of carbon emissions. It is projected that the climate will only get worse unless we implement change. Every day we hear new reports of extreme weather events all over the world.

WBCAT logoWe may think that our little corner in Wasaga Beach will be left untouched by such problems, but it is predicted that life along all water shorelines will be particularly impacted.  Here in Wasaga Beach we continue to see the increase in volatility; high water levels, low water levels and extreme winter storms that ravage our shoreline.

Some may argue that this is cyclical and has been going on for eons but regardless of how long ago it started the science is clearly able to track a serious ramping in the wrong direction. There is already a global consensus that recognizes the need to take immediate action.

The Wasaga Beach Climate Action Team’s mission is to work collaboratively with the residents, businesses and Town Hall and to help implement the changes required to mitigate the impact of Climate Change as announced in the Emergency Declaration.  Currently we are reaching out to the Directors of various Town departments such as Public Works and Planning to find out what actions they have or are planning to take on behalf of the residents of Wasaga Beach.

We are committed to keeping you up-to-date with the progress thru as many communication channels as possible. We feel that it is important that our community be engaged in all aspects of the Town’s decisions. It is at the municipal level that we, the residents, can be the most influential and will receive the most benefit.

Message us or email or call us today and let us know how you would like us to keep you informed.

Kathleen Caswell



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  • This family has always said the weather and lake conditions were cyclical, but I can see the sense in your comments.
    I am now 85 with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to whom I would hope the best of Wasaga Beach will always be available to them.