The first snowfall and the chill in the air spark an excitement at Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre for all the fun that winter brings!

People with binocularsWinter offers a new perspective of the Marsh. In the first few snowfalls of the year, keep a keen eye for animal tracks in the snow – they will help you discover who is sharing your yard or trail. Wildlife for the most part become more elusive this time of year as they preserve their energy in the dropping temperatures.

Birders can rejoice as the cooler weather makes for great opportunities to view our feathered friends. Many birds are attracted to feeders and easier to spot without the forest’s foliage. Chickadees in particular are very friendly at Wye Marsh and will stop on your hand for some seed and to say ‘hello’. While nature rests, it does not cease to amaze!

SkiersIf you are looking to try something new this winter, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing can be excellent ways to explore in the snow – allowing you to explore different frosty terrain. Wye Marsh offers over 20km of track set cross-country ski trails for guests to explore, with varying loop lengths and difficulties to accommodate anyone from beginner to experienced skiers. Wye Marsh also offers equipment rental for guests who are looking to experience these winter activities for the first time. Cross-country skis, boots and poles, as well as modern metal framed snowshoes and traditional wooden framed snowshoes are available to rent for all ages/ sizes to be used on Wye Marsh’s trails.

Wye Marsh employees checking out the trailsYou can join a Wye Marsh Outdoor Naturalist to explore even further on a Snowshoe Eco-Tour, and experience areas of the Wye Marsh that are not otherwise open to the general visiting public. After a brief lesson on the art of snowshoeing, you will head out in search of the many mysteries that animal tracks & signs present. Participants will then warm up by the fire for a snack break with hot chocolate and tea along the route. This unique experience is 3 hours long, covering roughly 4 kilometers of woodlands and wildlife! Please pre-register at: 

Walking the boardwalkWye Marsh has over 25km of trails to explore hiking, skiing, or snowshoeing from winding through the cedar groves, into hardwood forest, to the floating boardwalk. Trails are open daily from 9:00am-4:00pm. There are live animal demonstrations on weekends at 1:00pm. Admission is $12 for adults, $9 for children aged 4-18, $9 for seniors aged 65+, and children under 4 are free. To plan a visit to Wye Marsh, please visit:

In addition to exploring the trails and guided tours, Wye Marsh will also offer a number of workshops and events this winter including Winter Wildthings for Kids, a Raptor Review, and a Trail Sketching Workshop. For more information, please visit:

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